Summer Sessions Program

The Summer Sessions are a special form of study that is of a number of Asian and Canadian universities offered during semester breaks in the period between May and September. These are compressed semester of usually five or six weeks (rarely eight or ten), in which the participants usually show two or a maximum of three courses from the curriculum of the University. The scope of the courses offered by the Summer Sessions differs from the regular courses offered by the universities, but that of course every summer, only a certain choice can be offered from the huge range of courses at universities. ‚ÄčNevertheless exceeds the number of courses offered - usually can be selected in each summer of 300-500 courses from a catalog.

The Content and amount of substance - as well as the level and performance requirements in the Summer courses are usually identical to those courses during the rest of the academic year, the intensity and number of weekly hours for each course is due to the shorter duration of the Summer Sessions a lot higher. In addition, during the summer, normal university "credits" earned and upon completion of stay "Grade Reports" and "Transcripts" (evidence) created so that it sessions by prior arrangement with the professors and examination authorities despite the relatively short duration of the Summer for students is usually possible to gain credits, the courses taken for study at their home university.

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