Welcome to IISC

IISC e.V. is a network of different colleges and universities cooperating to provide the Students affordable access to international education for a diverse student population.

Study Programs

A great way to study for one or two semesters at a University abroad, it is called open or semester Study Abroad programs that are offered at several Universities in different English-speaking countries, especially, for example, in South Korea, Germany...

IISC Students

IISC programs are open to students at Member universities. Students at IISC Member institutions can participate in any IISC program. The Programs section is the best place to begin, and then travel across the top menus as you go through the IISC program.

About IISC

IISC is a private Institution, one of the most diverse possibilities of studying abroad - advice in more than 15 countries....

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We provide different programs which are open to students at Member universities. Students at IISC Direct Member institutions can ...

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We work with a variety of Universities in 15 different countries. This number is growing up adding more partnership worldwide...‚Äč

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The following benefits are provided for all IISC memeber. Advice, Enrollment, Housing, Orientation and General Services, Social, athletic....

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Study Abroad Scholarships

Our Vision & Mission

IISC will be recognized for setting the standard for worldwide cooperation in international education. IISC promotes academic and cross-cultural learning through its worldwide network of higher education institutions. IISC facilitates academic mobility through innovative and affordable programs to achieve authentic global learning. IISC enhances institutional infrastructures and fosters campus internationalization.

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